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Mik is a pendant lamp that blends with a sound reproduction and voice assistance system. Inspired by the shape of 1950s microphones, Mik takes its form but changes its function, turning into a light source and implementing a bluetooth speaker.
The diffuser, made of polycarbonate, increases its degree of opacity when hit by light of greater intensity.
Keep studying how to merge two of the elements that most enliven the environment: light and sound. To do so, Mik was inspired by the shape of classic 1950s microphones, presenting a tapered structure, with the upper part dedicated to music playback and the lower part to lighting the environment through a LED source. It was necessary to find a solution that would allow versatility in use while maintaining relatively small dimensions. To do this, the upper part of the shell was dedicated to the placement of buttons that allow power, Bluetooth connection, and light intensity adjustment, while the audio source and LED are distributed along the entire length.
Mik makes the usually bulky home audio systems much less spacious and more easily accessible. The music and adjustable power of the light source allow the room's appearance and comfort to be shaped.
Shell: satin Polypropylene;
Lighting diffuser: translucent Polycarbonate;
Arch: Steel. 
The shell, diffuser, and buttons are made by injection molding, the arc by bending aluminum. The LED source and speaker are assembled by mechanical interlocks, the upper arc connects to the shell by a pin that allows rotation while the diffuser assembles by a simple rotational interlock that allows ease in the eventual repair of the LED.
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Designed by Alessandro Pennese
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